Tinted glass installation and customization

Tinted glass is a highly useful form of glass that can reduce light intake and sometimes keeps rooms and cars cooler. Tinted glass can be different colors most commonly blue, yellow, green, and black.

Tinted glass is used on sunglasses and goggles for snow sports like snowboarding and skiing. Tinted glass also gets rid of glare making it very useful on a bright day. There are two ways to tint glass; first glass can be tinted with a chemical during the glass making process. The second way to tint glass is by placing a film on it. Tinted glass can also protect from UV rays. Exposure doesn’t affect tinted glass as much as one would think. The only difference is the amount of light let through tinted glass compared to the amount of light that is shining onto the glass. When a film is applied to tinted glass instead of a dye, it usually has added affects with it. Often tinted films cause heat rejection, which is applied to the interior of the glass. The film often also blocks infrared light and ultraviolet light. The films are tinted by being dyed or metalized. When a film is metalized it can be either transparent or reflective. This film keeps heat out by changing the solar energy to infrared light energy and reflecting off the surface of the glass. Tinted glass usually costs from 10-15 percent more than normal glass. The glass can reduce energy usage by 30-50 percent showing more beneficial effects than negative ones.

There are also removable films that can be applied to a window; they can be opaque or transparent depending on your choosing. Films don’t work for all types of glass. There are different factors you must consider before placing a film on your glass. You must consider the size, thickness, and how the glass was made. You must think about how well the glass handles temperature so that the film doesn’t damage the glass by insulating the heat or keeping it from letting heat in during the winter time. If the film is applied on glass that is already damaged the film can be ruined by the damaged window.

Certain parts of the glass, if damaged, can cause bigger problems than other parts, if the edges are damaged the entire glass could completely crack. The glass can break unpredictably and that is why it is so important to have glass in good condition.