Shine Windows & Glass With Newspaper

Did you recently have your windows cleaned? Or did you perhaps just try using our recipe for the Best Window Cleaner? If you missed last week’s post about green window cleaning using all natural ingredients that you can mix up to keep your windows and glass nice and clean check it out here.

Once you’ve got really clean windows and glass you can give them a shine…using newspaper! Yes, that’s right, newspaper can be used to polish your windows and shine your glass. This will work on new windows and glass that have just been installed by a window installer or on older glass and windows. It can also be used on the windows of your car and on a new or old windshield.

All you need to do to shine your windows and glass using newspaper is to crumple it up and rub it around on the window or glass. There is a tiny bit of oil in newspaper ink that helps to shine the glass and prevent dirt from accumulating on your windows.

You should only use pages that have black and white ink to shine your glass and windows. This old fashioned method for getting your windows and glass to be nice and shiny really works, and you can recycle the newspapers when you are done. This is one of those tried-and-true tips; ask your grandma about it, she probably remembers shining windows this way years ago!!

Home experts at TLC recommend this method and have some other interesting tips on how to keep your windows and glass in tip-top shape. You can read them here.