Obsidian – Nature’s Glass

We recently told you about the ingredients that glass is composed of and how it is made. It seems quite complex and in fact, given the precise ingredients and high intensity heats required, making glass is a very technical process.

It’s interesting to note that some glass is created by nature. This type of glass is called obsidian. You can see some images of obsidian here.

 So how does Mother Nature make this unique glass? This glass forms from sand shooting out of a volcano. When the sand comes in contact with the molten lava it melts. At this point, if it comes into contact with cold water it will cool quickly and form into a dark colored, glassy stone.

Many people mistakenly classify obsidian as a mineral, but in fact it is a glass.

Traditional uses of nature’s glass were as a tool for cutting, as the tip of spear and as for use in special ceremonies.