Glass cleaning products and equipment

It is important to clean your glass when necessary. It is a fairly simple process to clean your glass. All you need is a glass cleaning product like Windex. All that should be done is that you should spray the glass, not the cloth, with the cleaning product and wipe it down with a dry cloth. This should be done weekly to ensure all the glass in the house stays clean.

It is important not to use just water on windows, because it will cause streaks on the glass. For a cheap product to clean the glass with, you can use vinegar. Vinegar won’t streak and is rather cheap. Many people have a problem with water spots getting on their glass. Water spots may be tough to get rid of. An easy way to get rid of water spots is to mix vinegar with water and thoroughly wipe the glass with a cloth. Glass cleaning is just as important as repair, because you always want your glass to look nice.