Framed and frameless, glass shower doors

Glass is used in many different places. A common place to have glass is as shower doors. Glass shower doors are great for adding an elegant look to bathroom. For a cheap price in a comparison, one could get a framed shower door. Framed shower doors can work as both a sliding door and a hinged door. Sliding doors are good because they can be put on both a tub that works also as a shower or just a shower. A framed shower door that is on hinges, however, can only be installed on a shower.

Glass shower doors can also be frameless, being put only on metal hinges. Frameless shower doors are typically more expensive because they have to be thicker than if they were in frame. Glass shower doors are a good choice for anyone having a new home being built or getting their house remodeled. Unlike shower curtains, glass shower doors do not grow mold as easily. Glass is also easier to clean than fabric. Glass shower doors are a very good choice for anyone remodeling or getting a new home.