Eco Friendly Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning Gets A Greening…with our budget friendly, earth friendly, glass friendly glass and window cleaner!

Whether you’ve recently installed replacement glass for your windows or office, or if you just want your existing windows and glass to look their best, it is important to find a good way to thoroughly clean your windows and glass. Many people use commercially available glass cleaners and window cleaners, but did you know that there is a simple recipe you can mix up in just minutes that will save you money and give you clean windows and glass! As an added bonus you don’t have to expose yourself or your family and friends to any harsh chemical agents.

All you need is a bit of vinegar and water and a tiny bit of liquid dish soap. Yes, that’s right, dish soap! Now you may think it’s crazy and want to just clean your windows and glass with the vinegar and water. Well, this approach might work on new glass and windows, but if your windows and glass have previously been cleaned with commercial products there is likely to be a slight residue that will streak with the vinegar and water formula. By adding a touch of dish soap you can remove the residue and your windows and glass will be shiny and streak free!

The Best Window Cleaner recipe calls for ¼ cup vinegar, ½ tsp. liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water mixed in a spray bottle. Then you just shake it up and spray it on your windows!

For now, go get to cleaning! And be sure to check back next week for tips on shining your glass and windows!