Changes in Windshield Replacement Regulations

According to a report published in the National Windshield Repair Association‘s newsletter for the first quarter of 2011, there are some changes being instituted by certain glass windshield replacement companies due to insurance regulations. The changes involve an inspection being done on the windshield glass to determine that it truly does need to be replaced with a new windshield. The United Services Automobile Association ( (USAA) is one such agency that is now requiring an inspection of the glass windshield before it will cover replacement, in five different states.

“Basically we started this program because we received feedback from our members that some of them felt like they were coerced or pressured to make glass claims when in reality there may not have been any damage to their glass,” said Rebecca Hirsch, a spokesperson for USAA. The program is in the pilot stages and, depending on it’s success may be extended to additional states.

Your windshield replacement company can help you to understand the policies of your specific insurance provider.