Beveled glass experts, all different bevel designs and on all different types of glass

Glass can have its edges carved into designs to make it decorative. This is called beveled glass. Other than the designs, there are two types of beveled glass, handmade and machine-made beveled glass.

Handmade beveled glass of course would be more expensive due to it being handmade. With machine-made beveled glass there will most likely be less choices for bevels, less expensive, but also less flawed.

Beveled glass is great mainly for table tops and mirrors. Unlike most glass beveled glass is given a third dimension adding to its look. To make beveled glass, one must take clear glass and add a carved design to the edge of the glass, commonly ¼ inch thick. Bevels often have unintended effects on the light that shines through it. The bevel of glass can often act as a prism. When designing a bevel it is common to combine 2 or 3 different bevels. Bevels can be very complicated or very simple.

Glass of all kinds can be tempered, with the exception of tempered glass. Textured and tinted glass have been known to be beveled. Beveled glass has been combined with textured glass often to add a more decorative effect to it.