Amazing Windshield Story

Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed that a small rock or pebble hit your windshield. If you’re lucky it won’t leave a chip, but in many cases it will cause a small chip that needs to be ground down and filled to keep it from spreading. Repairing and replacing your glass windshield is very important for your safety and the passengers in your car.

In the case of a young lady in Colton, Oregon the rock that hit her glass windshield was MUCH larger than a pebble…and her family’s concerns were with repairing her health rather than getting a replacement windshield for their vehicle. Michaela Shumate was hit by a 6.6 pound rock bigger than a softball! The rock was likely kicked up by an SUV and hit the glass windshield of her family’s truck as they were driving down the road at about 45 miles per hour.

You can read all about Michaela and her miraculous recovery here.